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Hi. I’m June Burgess.

I am an amateur 3-day eventer competing at 2* level / advanced level and have ridden in over 60 International competitions.

I have produced five horses to this level and a showjumper to Grand Prix.

I owned and co-produced Mighty Nice, who won bronze at Rio and was 2016 US Horse of the Year, from a 3 year old to 7 year old.

It’s not all horses, though! I also work full time as Director of 5 companies.

Up until 2016 I owned and ran the 5* Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast. I actually built the hotel and opened it for business in 2009, slap bang in the middle of the worst recession in living memory but by applying similar performance principles to those I found successful in my riding, turnover increased from zero to over £5m within 5 years.
Whether business or riding, mindset is paramount and I succeeded in both by being focussed, clear on the desired outcome and working constantly to overcome restrictive thoughts..

Over the years, people have admired my work : home balance and assume that horses are my release valve.  However, much as I love riding, there have been times in the past when it has very much been the other way round!
My riding has probably caused me more worry, crisis of confidence and self-pity than everything else put together.  I judge my performance when riding much more critically and intensely than any other aspect of my life. However, it was my obsession with performing better consistently that inspired my passion for mindset. I had excellent riding coaches but I realised that it wasn’t my skills nor my ability, nor my dedication that restricted me, it was my mind.

In 2008 I was invited to mentor members of the Ulster Rugby team and I studied further and became a certified life coach and finally, it all came together. The psychology, the life coaching and the many years of personal research, trial and error.

THE EQUESTRIAN FORMULA is the culmination.

To my knowledge, nobody has gone so deep to discover the true mindset potential for equestrians.  My goal is to show you solutions and techniques for getting your mind back on your side while riding that it has taken me many years to uncover, and give you back the freedom to enjoy all aspects of your horse-centred life.


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